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A Superior Pick 3 Tool

Pick3stats Pro is without a doubt the world's best - and best known - pick 3 tool. The program's unique interface is packed with plenty of innovative "win-win" features, all carefully designed with the serious pick 3 player in mind.

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Pick3stats Pro Features ...

1. Superior Statistics

Track digits, singles, doubles, triples, odds, evens, highs, lows, sums, roots, LDS, draw orders and pairs from any Pick 3, Cash 3, Daily 3 or Midday 3 lottery game.
The more conclusive your statistical data is, the better your decision making actually is!

2. Most Realistic Pick 3 Simulator

Engage the build-in pick 3 simulator to practice your skills before you risk any money.
Use "real" draw results to back-test your predictions, or switch to "real time" computerized draws to evaluate new strategies.

3. Greater Flexibility

Wanna use the last 30 draw results for odds/evens and the last 100 draw results for sums? You can easily switch between any range of past draw results with a click on a button.
This is one more reason to start using Pick3stats Pro today.


4. Exceptional Wheeling Software

Combine up to 3 wheeling engines at the same time and transform your winning picks into a decisive set of smart pick 3 combinations.

5. Reliable One-Click Evaluations

How hot or cold is a specific value? You can now compare each value with the expected 'normal' occurrence. You can also compare the skip-values of any statistical parameter with the expected skip-values.

6. Intuitive Interface

Cold, medium and hot combinations are projected on an intuitive, easy to interpret, and lightning-fast interface. This will allow you to quickly spot which hot combinations may continue to be drawn, and which cold combinations are due to come up.


7. Perfect for PC, Mac, Tablet, ...

Pick3stats Pro runs on your favorite device. That includes a PC, a Mac, or just about any tablet (including iPad and Galaxy Tab) or smart phone that supports a modern browser.

8. Easy Quick Start Mode

Pick3stats Pro runs in your favorite browser, so there's no need to install or set-up any program (a browser is what you are using right now to see this page).
How much easier can it get?

9. Time-Saving Data Grabber

If you order Pick3stats Pro today, then you'll also get our time-saving Data Grabber at no additional cost.
This unique tool allows you to import Pick 3 draw history tables from around the world with a simple click on a button.


Complete User Manual ...

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Easy Instructions!

Pick3stats Pro comes with a complete and easy-to-follow user manual. No fluff or filler, just 26 pages of pure and addictive content that you'll love to explore. It's great fun to learn Pick3stats Pro. You'll become a Pro Player in no time!


Pick3stats Pro Works in these States and Countries ...

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Arizona Pick 3 - Arkansas Midday Cash 3 & Cash 3 - California Midday 3 & Daily 3 - Connecticut Midday 3 & Play 3 - Delaware Play 3 Midday & Play 3 - District of Columbia DC Lucky Midday & DC Lucky Numbers - Florida Midday Cash 3 & Cash 3 - Georgia Midday 3 & Cash 3 - Idaho Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - Illinois Midday 3 & Daily 3 - Indiana Midday 3 & Daily 3 - Iowa Midday 3 & Pick 3 - Kansas Pick 3 - Kentucky Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - Louisiana Pick 3 - Maine Midday 3 & Pick 3 - Maryland Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - Michigan Midday 3 & Daily 3 - Minnesota Daily 3 - Missouri Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - Nebraska Pick 3 - New Hampshire Midday 3 & Pick 3 - New Jersey Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - New Mexico Pick 3 - New York Numbers Day & Numbers Eve - North Carolina Pick 3 Day & Pick 3 Eve - Ohio Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - Oklahoma Pick 3 - Pennsylvania Midday Daily Number & Daily Number - South Carolina Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - Tennessee Midday Cash 3 & Cash 3 - Texas Midday Pick 3 & Pick 3 - Vermont Midday 3 & Pick 3 - Virginia Midday 3 & Pick 3 - Washington Daily - West Virginia Daily 3 - Wisconsin Daily Pick 3

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Rest of the World

Basically, Pick3stats Pro works for any game where 3 digits are drawn from a pool of 10 possible digits [0-9]. The list of world-wide games includes, but is not limited to: Australia's Cash 3, Belgium's Pick 3, Canada's Pick 3, Caribbean's Pick 3, Chile's Toto 3, Peru's Super 3 and Puerto Rico's Pega 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Is Pick3stats Pro easy to learn?

    Not only is Pick3stats Pro easy to learn, it's great fun to learn as well. And as mentioned above, we do provide a complete user manual with easy instructions.

  • 2. Can I have Pick3stats Pro on a CD?

    No, Pick3stats Pro runs online in your favorite web-browser, so there's no need to install or update anything from a CD. More and more users want to access Pick3stats Pro from their mobile devices as well. For this and some other good reasons, we do not distribute the program on CD.

  • 3. How much do I have to pay to get Pick3stats Pro?

    For just $47 USD, you get lifetime access to Pick3stats Pro!

  • 4. Will I be charged every month?

    No! This is a one-time payment of just $47.

  • 5. I don't have a debit or credit card. Can I still get Pick3stats Pro?

    We can only accept PayPal as an alternative form of payment. We do not accept Western Union or international money orders.

  • 6. Do you have a money-back guarantee in place?

    Yes we do. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel your order within 60 days and you'll get a refund for the full amount.

  • 7. Does Pick3stats Pro work for other number games as well?

    As a general rule of thumb, Pick3stats Pro will only work for games where 3 digits are drawn from a pool of 10 possible digits [0-9]. Possible exceptions are games where 4 digits are drawn, allowing you to place a bet on the first 3 or last 3 digits.

  • 8. Do I need an internet connection to access Pick3stats Pro?

    Yes, you will need to be connected to the internet to use Pick3stats Pro. As stated before, Pick3stats Pro runs in your web-browser. This has a lot of advantages: there's no need to install anything, updates are executed automatically, there's no risk for virus infections, you can use the tool on more than one device, etc ...


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  • You can use Pick3stats Pro for as long as you want.

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